Psych-Hub Credit Card Service
Psychics United Kingdom

All Calls are recorded. 18+ Entertainment only. Message sent charged at your standard network rate. We cannot answer questions in regards to health, pregnancy, legal or financial related matters. We may send free promo messages, to opt out, send PBSTOP to 85358. Helpdesk: 03308801023 or SP: Allstar Psychics

Psych Hub UK Frequently Asked Questions

Q? What is a Psychic Phone Reading?


A Psychic Phone reading works in the same way as a face to face reading. The Phone Psychic reader channels into the energy of the person they are speaking with and works of their natural energies and spirit. In addition, they can work with nonverbal expressions and tone of the caller’s voice. Which more often than not can provide a far more accurate reading as the Psychic reader is more focused on the client and is not distracted by their personal gestures or expressions.

Q? How can I find the right Psychic reader that suits my needs?


You can check out all of our truly gifted Psychic Readers at our live page where you can find a full list of their skill set and natural gifts. It is important that you choose a reader that best suits your needs.

Q? What is your Customer Care or helpline number?


You can call 03308801023

You can contact our customer care team to assist you with any customer care or customer service issues. If your call is not answered immediately or you are calling outside of hours then please leave a voicemail message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.…

Q? I have been cut off from my Psychic Reading/ call or my call hasn’t connected?


Occasionally when callers calling from the mobile network can occasionally lose network coverage. If you happen to get cut off from your phone reading and you can’t re-connect? Then please get in touch with your mobile service provider or call our team so we can investigate the issue at hand.

Q? How does the Credit Card Billing Psychic service work?


Simply call or dial 0203 472 1230

Follow the voice prompts.

Enter your valid credit card details in as requested.

Choose which pre-paid minute package you wish to purchase.

Write down and record your private pin code so you can access and use again so you can access remaining credit when you wish to use the service again.

All major credit cards are accepted.

Q? What happens if I lose my pin number or I lose my call drops out?


Please contact our customer care team. Please remember to provide;

Your name

The time of the call

The phone number that you called the service on.

And we will arrange to either refund or to rest your personal pin number.

Q? Do I have the option to extend the length of my credit card Psychic Phone reading?


Yes, you have the option to extend your psychic phone reading. At the end of the call or when your credit runs out. Simply follow the voice prompts when your reading ends and top up your credit to continue the call.