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Psych Hub UK IM Chat Psychic Readings

Psych Hub Instant Messenger Chat is a fantastic new Instant Messenger service which allows you to connect instantly with any of our Psych Hub Psychics on our super convenient and easy to use live chat platform. Get instant answers from any of the Psych Hub Psychics, Tarot Readers, Clairvoyants or Mediums. Unlike our SMS service (Which can only be used in the UK) you can use our IM Chat service anywhere in the world twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Which is ideal for our international clients and UK clients who are traveling abroad. Meaning you can now get instant answers from any of our gifted Psychics no matter what time it is no matter where you are in the world.

You could be chatting live with a Psych Hub Psychic within an instant, simply by following a few simple steps;

Step 1

Click on the IM Chat Link to access all of the available live psychic Readers.

Step 2

Choose a Psychic: Select a Psychic that you wish to chat with from the live list of truly gifted Psychic, Tarot, Clairvoyant, medium, and Horoscope Readers. Each reader has an image and a profile so you can choose a reader that best suits your needs.

Step 3

Create a new account: Simply provide your name, date of birth, valid email address and a password to create your new IM chat user account.

Step 4

Simply pre-purchase your credits securely through PayPal. You have the option to either pre-purchase credits as a guest using your valid credit card or sign in using an existing account. Best of all you can use the credits whenever you want.

Main Benefits of Instant Messenger Chat Readings

There are many fantastic benefits that the Psych Hub IM Chat platform offers;

Ideal for regular users who are traveling abroad and require instant answers or advice on pressing matters from any of our well respected and gifted Psychic readers.

Great if you are in a noisy environment. I.e. If the TV is on? The kids are around? Or even if you are at work and are unable to take phone calls. IM chat is a fantastic solution.

Maybe you are a tad on the shy side and having a live phone reading doesn’t suit you at this point in time? Our IM chat platform is an ideal solution for this as it allows you to remain anonymous and ask all the questions you need to without feeling embarrassed or intimidated.

The benefits of Instant messenger Chat are endless and is simply just another super convenient service which allows you to access any of our truly gifted and respected UK Phone Psychic readers to assist you with any pressing matters at hand or if you simply just want a regular reading to keep you in tune with your psychic or spiritual needs.

Live Instant and Accurate Readings

If you don’t feel like speaking live with a Psychic reader over the phone? Then IM chat is the ideal solution as it offers Instant responses and accurate answers to your questions from any of your chosen Psychic, clairvoyant or Tarot Readers. You get all the benefits of a live phone reading without having to speak to a reader. Best of all you only get billed per question you ask. Unlike other IM chat platform offers where they bill you for the time you are waiting for a response. So you always no exactly how many credits you have and what you’re reading will cost you.

Use Live IM Chat on any Device

Our Psych-Hub IM Chat Platform has been optimized so that you can use this on any internet-enabled device. Meaning you can access any of the Psych Hub Psychics anywhere anytime on your smartphone, Personal computer or Tablet. Getting answers from your favorite Psychic, Tarot, clairvoyant reader has never been easier.

Whether you need answers or assistance with your love life, family/home or career? Our Psych Hub readers are always on hand to offer truly accurate, compassionate and empathetic readings. They’re available 24/7 and are only too eager to assist. Contact a Psych-Hub reader today.

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Our Weekly Specials  10mins = £14.99 –  20mins = £29.99 – 30mins = £39.99 – 45mins = £59.99 – 60mins = £79.99

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